Saturday, November 2, 2013

Wow- It's been about a year and a half without a post!  Life has been busy for us- Munch is now a second grader, and I've taken on the Transitional Kindergarten at my school, which doesn't leave much energy for anything else.  But lucky for me, Munch wants to start posting now too!  So maybe with her help, we'll stay a little more current around here!  I hope you enjoy her ramblings...

Endangered Animals

by Munch

    Just like the White Rhino any animal can become endangered. Animals can be endangered for many reasons. Sometimes animals could be endangered because humans are hunting them for different parts of them. Other times it could be that humans are cutting down their homes. If I was voting to save animals I would say " What would it feel like to you if your home was being destroyed by animals!!".

    Scientists are wondering if they could bring an extinct animal back to life (but not a T- Rex). How they would do it is they need a frozen one then they would take certain cells from it then put it in a container with root cells and slowly the animal would appear. But sometime in the future, what if animals disappear?
If "YOU" want to help out try these links. It really makes a difference.