Ever since she was a toddler, I have barely entered the kitchen before Munch immediately appears at my side, scooting her step ladder into position for a better view, peppering me with questions:

What are you eating?
What are you making?
Can I taste it now?

She hates the idea of anything happening in the kitchen without her and must sample every addition to every recipe- a pinch of just-sifted flour? The diced potato for our stew? Delicious! It's no wonder that she has developed a great palate and doesn't shy away from unfamiliar or boldly flavored foods.

We are:
Munch, my sweet & quirky girl

AudioDad, who is equally obsessed with music and running

The girls, our grumpy hall monitor in front, and her Tweedle-Dum sidekick in the back

and me, Munch's mommy who decided to start a blog so that someday, I'll be able to look back at what we did together. Right now though, I'm just too busy!