Monday, October 19, 2009

Wii Fun!

I LOVE my Wii! Thank goodness AudioDad got the hint last Christmas and got it for me, even though I don't get to it as often as I'd like (you know, parenting & housework & a job kind of get in the way...) It's also a challenge to find games that Munch and I both can enjoy and that she is coordinated enough to play. MarioKart is one of our favorites and I finally got around to purchasing an extra Wii wheel- just in time for her cousin A's visit a couple of weeks ago. They were SO funny to watch once I handed each of them a wheel. In deep concentration, they'd use their arm's whole range of motion to turn the steering wheel, frequently ending up with it behind their ears and over their shoulders. Once both got comfortable driving on their own for a couple of races, the trash talk started- preschoolers are SO competitive! "I'm going super faster than you and I'm PASSING you!!!" one would announce as they proceeded to drive the course IN THE WRONG DIRECTION!

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Tami said...

She's learning quick! LOL