Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pom Pom Flowers

A friend from work popped into my classroom the other day bearing a humongous tissue paper pompom. "Could you use this?" she asked. She also had a large garbage bag filled with more where this first pompom came from. My initial thought was no way do I want more STUFF in my classroom, until she suggested that Munch might like them. Well, then there was no hesitation-"I'll take them!"
Up they went in Munch's room in shades of light pink, magenta, and coral. I figured they'd go well with the string of lanterns and the bright pink Tord Boontje Midsummer pendant light. It's a darling room, with buttercup yellow walls and splashes of every shade of pink. I just love hanging out in there! Here's a peek-
"Come on in!""Everyone who visits my room has to play pretend.""What are you doing?""Okay, we're done playing. You can leave now."Thanks for the pompoms and for thinking of us Sarah!

3 comments: said...

Oh, I adore the pom pom flowers! :)

Juliana said...

That is such a cute idea!!!!! love the room and she is just precious!

I am a new follower. I saw you on the follower section over at MBC. I hope you will follow back as well. I am doing some great giveaways right now and I love meeting other mom bloggers. It is nice to meet you and I look forward to following you blog. ~Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into A Blog

jamielz said...

I just adore this room. It is so girly!