Sunday, May 23, 2010

Alphabet Activities: Letter U

I know I've been away a LONG while...but you don't really want to hear all the usual excuses. So let's jump right in:
Munch has been making terrific progress with her letter sounds. We started some phonics readers a few months ago and I hear her sounding things out every so often. Even more frequently I'll catch her using beginning sounds in labels to differentiate between several choices. So it sometimes seems beside the point to do the full focus on a letter of the alphabet. But I do want to be consistent, finish, and assemble her various alphabet pages into a book and I suppose we can begin working on writing lower case letters as she's beginning to show an interest in them and a readiness to write them. So this weekend, we tackled the letter U. We began with her alphabet workbook- Munch does LOVE workbooks- and she asked to practice lower case so we added it too:
And continued with coloring the upper and lower case u. It's nice to see how well her cutting skills are coming. We worked on scissor skills so infrequently last summer.
As she had just gotten out of the shower, Munch insisted I do the gluing as she didn't want to get all sticky. But she added more of her drawings to our letter page, which was decorated with cocktail umbrellas-
While I got set up for our cooking project, I hinted to Munch that AudioDad might to an upside-down headstand for her if she asked nicely-
Once the show was over, Munch and I got to work mixing up some batter-
then she sprinkled brown sugar over some butter I had melted in a cake pan-over which she arranged pineapple slices and halved cherries-for a lovely pineapple upside-down cake!which we enjoyed after a taco dinner (u-shaped shells!)-


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Annah said...

Your daughter is way cuters! :) Love the pics.

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