Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy birthday!

It's AudioDad's birthday- time to celebrate! We kicked off the weekend with Saturday night dinner at Q in Napa. He & I both ordered a delicious beef brisket sandwich topped with some irresistible fried onions.
What's nice this year is that Munch is old enough to have fun helping with the birthday preparations. And, she's slowly learning to keep things a secret. When she picked out this adorable dog

for Daddy last month, I figured I was safe- you usually couldn't drag details of her day out of her without very specific questioning. Unfortunately, she immediately told AudioDad all about the doggies upon returning home- luckily, it didn't make much sense to him at the time. He instead started to worry that I had adopted another puppy from the pound! Within the last week however, we were able to manage wrapping up AudioDad's gifts, hiding them away, and making him a card, all the while Munch is saying, "'s a 'purprise' for Daddy." For breakfast this morning, we made brioche french toast topped with blueberries. Munch put her newly acquired sifting skills to good use:

Munch and I also made a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting which we shared with the family after an impromptu barbecue.



Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Pat and Bibi! Sweet...Cake looks good! ~Liz

Anonymous said...

Hi! I tried to send a comment but I am not very smart when it comes to this stuff! The cake looks yummy but what impressed me was that french toast kind of thing. Janice and Viv, you are making me look bad (very bad infact!) Rob is just about ready to pay for you both to come out and cook for us. Pat you look great, not a year older but a year better. Love and Kisses to you all. Lynn and Rob