Monday, March 23, 2009


There. I've said it. I'm a slacker. At least computer-wise, lately. Not sure what it is, but I've been slow to follow up on emails, spent minimal time on Facebook, and have been completely uninspired to post anything new. Maybe it's the lure of these bright, brisk spring days. Maybe it's the guilt from not having pruned the roses yet or my little Wii Fit friend who cheerfully reminds me it's been several days since my last workout. Maybe it's the urge to hunt down new, yummy places to eat (cause I sure haven't been home much!) Who knows? But I appreciate everyone that's hanging in there with me...

My brother was in town from LA this weekend, so we got the family together for breakfast at a place called Crepevine. The menu is heavy on breakfast-y items- sweet and savory crepes, french toast, pancakes, benedicts, omelets. As much as I wanted to sample a crepe, I couldn't pass up the New Orleans Benedict- English muffins topped with crab cakes, poached eggs, and a Cajun-spiced hollandaise. Yum! We'll definitely be going back. Munch loved her silver dollar pancakes and hot chocolate. I just don't understand places that do these huge kid servings, and "silver dollar" pancakes that are the size of my regular, home-made pancakes. Even though most kids' meals are inexpensive, it's the waste of food that kills me. I wish places made a "toddler-sized" meal!

Munch, Grandma Corie, and Uncle Brian

Thank goodness we took a couple of hours to digest our late breakfast because we headed to my dad's next to celebrate Munch's other grandma's birthday.
Munch with her Lola (Grandma) Bess and Lolo (Grandpa) Bart
It was so crowded that I quickly lost sight of Munch while we were settling in. When I found her out on the patio, this is what I saw-

All the grandparents (my numerous aunts and uncles) made sure she got plenty to eat! What particularly pleased me was the opportunity for her to taste many traditional Filipino dishes, and the fact that she gobbled them up. I think the early exposure to the different flavors and textures of other cultures' foods helps broaden her palate. She's not a picky eater and I love her adventurousness when I take her out in search of something new and delicious. One of Munch's favorite dishes that my aunt and uncle would make for her when she was an infant was a sour soup. And AudioDad and I were amazed when we had to tell her, "Stop eating your peas and have some noodles" at the dinner table the other night!


Tami said...

She is so adorable! My older son has an adventurous palate. He'll eat anything. While I stick to the basics. I'm a same thing everyday kinda gal *grin

Deb said...

It looks like it's all been time well spent with family :) It's hard when it feels like spring is here and summer is around the corner. The days are warmer and lighter longer and it's hard to stay inside and type away. Great pics!

I've tagged you over at my blog. You're it!

Anonymous said...

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Cheffie-Mom said...

The pictures are great. The breakfast sounds delicous. I'm glad you enjoyed your family time. Have a super day.

Tess @ Six Feet Under Blog said...

How adorable! My little one will eat anything if I fix it for myself.

Anonymous said...

Talk about someone not keeping up on anything and I do mean anything except sleep, I wish they made toddler or baby size portions for adults that are not all geared to the senior set, baked cod, pot roast peas etc. While there is nothing wrong with a good old fashion smaller size dinner, I think alot of us, although we love it when that huge plate of something a little more atuned to our tast buds,IE: anything swimming in butter cheese and goo, would love to have the choice of just a few bites of the same dish just less of it. This is coming out of the mouth of a very close to being a senior- I know many times I do not order Foods I would love to try ( or things I know I love) when we go out, because of the waste. This is where the toddler baby size portions would come in handy. One of the best ideas to have come up is sliders. Although you still get too many you can take a couple home and feel like you have eaten like a king. Especially the sliders with double cheese, mayo, onion catusp lettuce and tomato.

All of these current picures are wonderful, I always find it interesting to see what's cooking for dinner at your house and what Viv will eat, Amazing! Kristin and Derek sure enjoyed seeing all of you and with they would have had more time to spend in that neck of the woods.

Love to all
Aunt Lynn