Sunday, March 1, 2009


I spent a (badly-needed) lovely day in San Francisco with the family (sans kids) yesterday. For Christmas, my parents bought us tickets to see Wicked. After looking forward to it for weeks, I was even more thrilled to hear we'd be heading to Yank Sing for a dim sum brunch first. I finally got to try their signature Shanghai dumplings, filled with pork and broth- it reminded me of wonton soup all wrapped up in a dumpling. Our favorite dish was a honey glazed sea bass- it was absolutely delicious! Of course, we ate entirely too fast and were stuffed within a half hour of sitting down. It's hard to pace yourself when it's such an infrequent treat!
Since we had a good bit of time before the matinee, we walked down to the Ferry Building. My mom made a beeline for a tiny table she'd seen before at I Preferiti di Borianawhere bomboloni, Italian doughnuts, were being sold. The sugar-dusted, baseball-sized doughnuts were filled with raspberry jam, Nutella, dark chocolate, or custard. I took my Nutella filled one home to Munch later that evening and she proceeded to take enormous bites of the sweet hazelnut filling, leaving me with the doughnut's edges. Then she moved on, with her puppy dog eyes, to AudioDad's doughnut...we'll have to get these again on our next trip!
Words fail me when I try to express how much I loved the show. I enjoyed the book by Gregory Maguire and was so curious to see how it translated to the stage. Wicked was funny, smart, and moving- a lot lighter in tone than the book, but it touched on it's major themes. The costumes were AMAZING. The Munchkin was wanting to go with us to see the show so badly. I think she'll enjoy those experiences when she's older. In the meantime, I'll be getting the CD- something for us to enjoy on our commute!


Tami said...

I've heard such wonderful reviews about Wicked. I also read the book. I'll def have to go now!
Nutella, is a fav here at the house. I try my hardest to keep away from it..however my addictions fail me miserably! Have you tried Cannoli's? You'd like those as well I bet. Another fav here at the house. I can't stay away from those either.. We Italians LOVE FOOD TOO MUCH!

Deb said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the show. We are going as a family later in the spring. I saw it in NY on broadway, but had pneumonia and didn't know it at the time-so I was quite out of it and don't think I got the whole experience. Looking forward to trying it again.