Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer School: Letter B

Munch has been wanting to do the letter B for a while now- it's her Uncle Brian's letter, she keeps informing me. So we got started with wood pieces and our letter collage decorated with stick-on buttons (no messy gluing!)
Munch has definitely just taken our alphabet lessons and run with them. I often find her working on matching stickers to beginning sounds in the workbook Grandma bought her. She continues to discover additional words that didn't make it onto the letter collages. I ended up taking a blank journal, wrote a letter on each page, and we'll put additional words there. I'm definitely starting to lose some steam, and we're only halfway through the alphabet, but it's difficult for me to stick to the process now that she's learned most of her sounds, with the exception of x, q, and y. But I'll stay the course, because she's still so interested, and I think kids like routines.
We made several puppets for B day- a bear, bird, and bunny (Munch didn't want to call it a rabbit) and it's always fun to pull the rest out to play
Later on, we went out for a bike ride in the neighborhood and with the ever-present breeze, it was quite a pleasant day
My beautiful girl!

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Tami said...

You're such a good mom! So crafty too..LOL. I have NOT one crafty idea in my head!