Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer School- Letter V

Last week we did V day, Munch's special day- because it's the first letter of her name. So we covered her letter collage with pictures of her, of course-
The art project for the day was a splatter painted volcano. We used a squeeze dropper to squirt paint over the top of the mountain. Munch added more fire with orange and red markers, along with the requisite fireman and firetruck-Snack was a simple instant vanilla pudding, but since Munch really hasn't had pudding before, it was quite a treat!And afterwards I sent Munch out to pick flowers to put in her own little vase- she loved doing that and carried that vase with her everywhere, until bedtime when she put it on her nightstand. She keeps it refreshed with lavender and a fresh rose from the garden.

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Tami said...

wish you were calebs teacher! He'd have a ton of fun in your class!