Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Our wedding, July 12, 1997- Meadowood Resort, St. Helena CA
Because our anniversary fell on a Monday this year, I suggested to AudioDad that we celebrate with a family day trip over the weekend. I wanted to be sure to include Munch so that she could understand the idea of our anniversary as a celebration of the beginning of our family. AudioDad decided we'd head to Point Reyes to see the lighthouse. I liked the idea because there would be good places for food and Munch wanted to go to the beach. We started out in the town of Point Reyes Station, where we stopped in to Cowgirl Creamery for some of their delicious Red Hawk cheese.I was disappointed to have misread their website, as I was hoping to watch the cheese making process through the viewing window in the creamery. Munch was thrilled to sample all sorts of cheese at the cheese counter and we left with half a round of Red Hawk, a thick slice of goat's milk cheddar, and a wedge of a delicious sheep's milk cheese called Abbaye de Belloc.After our creamery stop, we made our way the Marin Sun Farms butcher shop around the corner where we picked up some ground beef and a roasting chicken to add to the rapidly filling cooler in the trunk.Munch had fun stomping over and around the hay bales in their picnic area while stealing slurps of my iced Blue Bottle coffee.We made it to the funky Pine Cone Diner just before the lunch rush.After a quick peek at the restaurant menu, the fried oyster po'boy was an easy choice.After lunch, we headed out to North Beach along the Pt. Reyes Seashore. Unfortunately, any ideas Munch and I had about dipping our toes in the waves were rejected after seeing the posted signs warning visitors of dangerous waves and the presence of sharks.Instead, Munch set to work digging the "deepest hole ever".After dusting the sand off, we headed out the curving roads to the lighthouse. We passed by several historic ranches and dairies and saw cows grazing on hilltops overlooking the ocean.The walk out to the lighthouse visitor's center provided us with some amazing views-and a memorable climb to and from the lighthouse-Good thing I planned for a little treat when we arrived- Munch had an incredible view of the ocean as she nibbled on her chocolate cupcakebefore we began the steep trek back up the stairs!

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