Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (aka Marine World)

With all of the traveling Munch and I are doing this summer, I didn't bother getting us season passes for Six Flags this year. Unlike past years, when we'd find ourselves there at least once a week, Munch and I actually only had just enough time to squeeze in one visit to the park this summer- and luckily it was with my oldest and best friend, Munch's Aunt Gina, and her oldest son, M. First ride was Cobra (Munch's favorite)- it's a mild, non-loopy, good first real coaster for kids.Next we headed for the spinning rides, which I just cannot do and usually send AudioDad to ride withe Munch. Aunt Gina to the rescue!Despite the hour-long wait (it was so quiet, we could walk right onto every other ride in the park), Gina and I were most thrilled that the kids were tall enough to ride "Tony Hawk's Big Spin"- here's a clip from the opening of the ride in the St. Louis Six Flags from YouTube:After a morning of the more thrilling rides (to a 4-year old, at least), we stopped for lunch, let the kids lead the wayand then let them loose in the Looney Tunes section of the park-

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