Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Want Candy

Munch has never been trick-or-treating before (past her bedtime), so when I heard that the downtown stores would be welcoming kids on Saturday afternoon I knew it would be the perfect introduction to Halloween. Munch didn't quite know what was going on as we started walking down the street, but she knew she HAD to have one of the balloons that were being distributed by the bank. After getting a balloon, she started collecting her candy.

Her first few pieces got her excited because "it's so pretty"- Munch actually had no idea what "candy" actually was- we never referred to it that way, so she never associated it with the random jellybeans and Hershey's kisses she may have encountered in the past. We let her pick one thing for the way home- she chose a lollipop because she'd been so curious about them.

When we got home she laid out all her candy and admired it. She counted it, organized it, and admired it again. The different colors and wrappers were "beautiful".

It's been a couple of days now, and she checks on her candy daily. She sorts it and lays it out in neat rows. It's funny, she still isn't particularly interested in eating it, but she sure is proud of it!

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