Monday, October 13, 2008

We Love Gymbo!

When one door closes, another one opens...It's time for us to say goodbye to Gymbo. We started Gymboree Play & Music classes shortly after I returned to work to give Munch and AudioDad a fun activity to do during the week. Munch loved the bubbles, the music, and the climbing structures. She loved the parachute, getting Gymbo stamps at the end of class, and the make-believe play that her teacher introduced. She'd look for ducks and drop pennies into the fountain, and as a special treat when I wasn't working, would sometimes get to share a green tea Jamba smoothie and some Pirate's Booty with me as an after-class snack. She'd come home and proceed to act out everything she'd just learned, with me, AudioDad, and a few stuffed friends as her students. But she's starting to outgrow the classes, and she's ready for something more independent (from us), so in a couple of weeks we'll be starting gymnastics classes. We've already stopped by the center to check things out. Munch loved seeing the older girls do cartwheels and flips and was ready to run onto the gymnastics floor right then and there. So thank you, Gymbo and teacher Nicolette- we'll miss you!

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