Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It's been a while since I last posted. I don't know, there's just something about winter that makes me so LAZY. I don't want to do a thing, and I want to stay in my jammies while I do it (meaning nothing, that is). I work through my piles of magazines and think about all the pots of soup I want to make. What recently caught my eye was a recipe for popovers in Wondertime magazine. (Who remembers that scene in Little Women- the ORIGINAL one- where Amy is feeding the babies bites of popovers? Anyone? Blancmange, on the other hand...) So I made a batch to go with some lentil soup- and now I'm hooked. They're so easy to make (and you don't need a special pan- I just use a muffin tin, although I'm thinking of investing in a popover pan now) and the ingredients are always around. I've made them 3 times this week already! Slathered with blackberry jam, they were quickly devoured!

Now you'd think that with me talking about winter hibernation, it would be chilly and gray out. Well, turns out we've had lovely CA weather (70s to 80s) that AudioDad and Munch made sure to take advantage of. She's making really good progress learning to ride her new bike-

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