Monday, January 26, 2009

Where Did My Baby Go?

Munch's turning 3 on Tuesday. I don't know how it happened.
On the one hand, 3 years doesn't sound like a whole lot- heck, AudioDad & I have been together for 18 years this coming spring. Munch's presence is a blip compared to that. But on the other hand, I can't remember a time without her. And it's hard to describe that feeling of recognition that swept over me when I first held her (and it's strange now to realize it was actually several hours before I did).

Munch was so tiny (hence the nickname, as well as Peanut) and I remember us just mentally preparing for all unknown consequences of her difficult delivery. I was expecting permanent, or at least long-lasting, damage to her shoulders/arms and lots of physical therapy after she got stuck during the delivery and they broke her collarbone trying to get her out. I remember how she wouldn't feed and I was a wreck every time the nurse visited the house to weigh her. I remember keeping close track of her milestones, wondering when and how we'd see any developmental delays.

One day old- those preemie diapers practically went all the way up her back!

Munch was always a really good baby. She was calm and happy. And during the months that I was home, I just kept telling myself not to worry- that she'd crawl, talk, and walk when she was ready. So, we just had fun- and the time flew.

At some point after the Munchkin's first birthday, I wasn't worried about her being a preemie anymore. Developmentally, she was hitting her milestones without an age adjustment. And like I said in the beginning, I'm not quite sure where my baby went. Because all too soon, she was a big girl.

I can't complain. She's my pal- she's well-behaved and loves to do what I do: shop, go to restaurants, bake, read, more baking, more shopping. And sometimes when it's quiet, she likes to snuggle with me under a big blanket and just be my baby again.

Happy birthday Munch!


Cheffie-Mom said...

Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! Children are such a blessing! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Terra said...

I know I'm slow catching up...but AWWWW you know how to capture the Mommy feeling that brings tears to my eyes. She is gorgeous and growing so fast!