Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's Party Time!

After weeks of planning, preparation, and hearing Munch ask, "Is my pony party today?" I could finally tell her "Yes! Today's your pony party day!" We were blessed with gorgeous weather- warm sun and temps in the 60s-70s. I spent the morning getting all the snacks made- fruit salad, tiny "pigs in a blanket" made with Little Smokies, cream cheese and jam sandwiches cut into triangles with the crusts removed, and mini sweet potato biscuits spread with apple butter or mustard and stuffed with thinly sliced ham.
Once we got to the farm, we set up the table of snacks. We put out the goodie bags that Munch helped to stuff and decorate and we set out the sprinkles and icing for cookie-decorating. Munch was thrilled once the bounce house was inflated! The ponies arrived and the kids took turns getting a ride-

while they waited their turn, they went in the jumpy-

played on the play structure-

and decorated pony cookies-

After a snack, we headed to the petting zoo-

then opened presents

and had cake

It was a wonderful, happy day!


Cheffie-Mom said...

WOW!! HOW FUN!! Happy Birthday to Viv!!

Kirsten said...

Janice! Dude! You should've been a party planner. This shindig looks incredible. Nice work.

oh, and by the way, I miss you! Looking forward to catching up for real, and not just by lurking on your blog.

Janice said...

Debbie- Thanks! You're so sweet!

Kirsten- I miss you too! We DO need to catch up! In the meantime, lurk away!