Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Poor Munchkin! After schlepping her all over the bay (our fun day in the city, then off to the grandparents, then errands around the Napa Valley the day after that), she came down with a nighttime cough and slept terribly for a couple of days. During the day, the cough subsided a bit, but was replaced with a bit of laryngitis. It was actually a little bit funny- she kept chatting (and singing) away anyway and most times sounded a lot like Donald Duck. Most disappointing was that she had absolutely NO appetite (unless ice cream was involved, which it was) because we were surrounded by some really great food. I had been anticipating our Napa trip all weekend because I had decided we'd go to Oxbow Market for lunch.
I've been wanting to try Pica Pica Maize Kitchen, which sold amazing looking Venezuelan sandwiches, and Three Twins Organic Ice Cream ever since my first visit to the market. So while Munch nibbled bites of her lunch, I happily enjoyed my chicken salad filled arepa and my sister had one filled with slices of steak and plantain. The yucca fries with a black bean dip were amazing- even better than Taylor's sweet potato fries (which I love)! Munch had a Maize'wich- basically a grilled cheese made with a slightly sweet corn "bread"- the Monterey Jack was so melty and delicious!
It was much too cold and rainy, but during the summer I'd certainly order the frozen coconut lemonade that they let us sample- Munch loved it and wanted more, but I knew that there was ice cream in her future! Once lunch was done, off we went to Three Twins. Munch had a scoop of an amazing Madagascar Vanilla and I had one called "Lemon Cookie".
Next we headed to the cheese shop where we sampled several great cheeses (the Munchkin and I love cheese shops!) and picked up a few treats for supper. My favorite finds were a cheese called Robiola and a tiny jar of black truffle honey. Later that evening I fixed up a beet and orange salad for AudioDad and I and everyone enjoyed the cheese course-

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