Saturday, February 21, 2009

Munch's Little Pal- Thank you Aunt Lynn!

Aunt Lynn and the Munchkin's Colorado cousins

Aunt Lynn is a regular reader (and commenter- yay!) on this blog. She's the oldest of AudioDad's six siblings (he's the youngest). And she regularly sends Munch mail, which she adores! So this Valentine's Day, a card arrived with a bit of cash for the Munchkin to go shopping for something fun. We happened to be headed to the Pacific East Mall again, which has a little "Hello Kitty" type shop, so I promised Munch I'd take her there to buy her special gift from Aunt Lynn. After a lunch of her favorite shrimp dumplings, Munch carefully put her money in her pocket and we headed off to shop. She looked through the bins and mulled over the umbrellas, dish sets, pencils, little notepads, hair accessories, and other cute gadgets. But once she hit the display of stuffed animals, she immediately zeroed in on a fat, gray penguin. Nothing else existed- she had to take him home.
The two of them have been inseparable ever since. He accompanied us to the doctor's yesterday, where we confirmed that Munch's developed an ear infection. Munch has announced to me that he lives in the South Pole. He helped water plants in the garden today. She even snuggles her little penguin at bedtime, which is a big deal because she never quite adopted a "lovey" as a baby. We originally named him Flippy, because of his flippers, but today (who knows where it came from) she embellished a little bit-
Introducing "Flippy Inguinos"-

Thank you Aunt Lynn- We love you!


Tami said...


Cheffie-Mom said...

How fun and what a sweet picture. I hope Viv's ear is much better.

Journey on! by Kelleye said...

Ohh what sweet pictures! Everyone needs an aunt lynn!

Deb said...

Flippy Inguinos is so cute! What a great choice :) I'm stopping by from the Follow Me club at MBC and have followed you and am looking forward to reading your blog.

...The Obnoxious SAHM said...

I want an Aunt Lynn! Where can I find one?

Anonymous said...

Aut Lynn is really not as great as she may seem, in fact, she can
be a little grouchy at times but I sure love My Viv. I also love Flippy Inguinos. Kristin and Dekek are very excited about coming to see you all and when she found out you were making lasagna she got a huge smile on her face. Don't forget to put one stick of celery filled with peanut butter on a litle plate for Derek He is fun to tease and Lara kows the joke behind this. Time to get going on my diary for Dani ( I am having a blast writing to her and giving her ideas, poems, receipes including some of yours, and just my thought on life at any given moment. I guess a Lynn does exist!!! Have Kristin take lots of pictures for me. Love and hugs and kisses to all. I am glad Viv is feeling better and happy she now has a lovey. Aunt Lynn