Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Baby Started Preschool Today...

Munch around 10 months old
I know the time flies by, but the milestones still catch me off guard. How is it that Munch is now off to preschool on her own? It was difficult for me just because I felt torn between being there to drop her off and leaving my kindergartners with a substitute for the second time this week. In the end, I knew she'd be fine with AudioDad, so long as he took lots of pictures! I guess I made a big enough deal about it, because I he worried about how they turned out all day after leaving her! (Isn't he sweet?) Mainly, the issue was that it's a lot of the back of her- but I suppose it's a good thing that she was independent enough to just jump in without a look back to Dad!
Munch wearing her "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" shirt- she's passed over it EVERY time she's gotten dressed since we made it- guess she thought it was special enough to save for her first day of school!
Confidently heading into the crowd-Munch is greeted by her teacher-
Exploring the schoolyard-
Enjoying her after dinner treat- on the "Special Day" red plate!


Nina said...

What beautiful kids.

confused homemaker said...

Hope her first day was great!! Preschool is a lot of fun.

Lisa said...

It TOTALLY goes way too quickly! My baby girl will soon be 19. Yes! 19!!!!

Thankfully I still have a 3 yr old....

Lisa@All That and a Box of Rocks

Pixiewinkle said...

My baby is starting preschool today! Your daughter is beautiful. P

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