Monday, September 28, 2009

Pretty as a Princess

Munch got a special treat last weekend in the form of her cousin's 18th birthday party/debut. A big party was planned, with dancing, and Munch was looking forward to it for days. She made sure to wear her favorite party dress and was absolutely in love with all the older girls dressed up for the evening. After a delicious dinner, which included my favorites-lechon (roast pig) and kare kare (oxtail & tripe stew in a peanut sauce), they started the Roses dance, in which various male relatives and friends presented the birthday girl with a rose before a quick spin on the dance floor.And once the DJ started, there was no getting Munch off the dance floor-she wanted to be the last one there! By the end of the evening, she was lying on the steps (in the background), tired, but still wanting to be in the middle of the crowd.My favorite shot of the night-Munch was fascinated with the whole "boyfriend" idea...

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Tami said...

LOL, she was probably the hit of the party with her dancing.

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