Saturday, December 26, 2009

Birthday Party Round-up

As I've mentioned before, our introduction to the preschool birthday party scene has been quite interesting. AudioDad and I had discussions about accepting all the invitations that came in- especially when Munch claimed to not know the celebrant, parent etiquette- would we be perceived as "hovering" parents if we both accompanied Munch? (With the 45 min. drive each way, he didn't want to lose family time.) I'm making weekly trips to the local toy store. We've seen a wide range of parties, from extravaganzas to simple barbecues. But a couple of months into it, we've been glad to see that Munch has been independently making friends, and we really like these kids and their families. Here's a look at what she's been up to:
The jumpy house-a must!Pinatas- a frequent occurrence (even though I have to admit to uneasiness in letting my kid hit ANYTHING with a big ol' stick)Candy, candy, and more candy-Munch loves wearing her "party dress", but getting all dressed up for a Halloween birthday party was the ultimate!Cupcake cakes- a fairly new thing? So often they have the strangest amoeba-like shapes, but this one was just so cute-Getting to explore her friends' cool backyard set ups is always a treat-Then we started the rounds of the "craft parties"- at this one, Munch was given a lump of clay. The result was...interesting.At the next, my sewing skills were put to the test at a "Build-A-Bear" party. Munch made a rabbit she named "Bunnyhop"- creative, I know...One of my favorites? A first birthday party at our favorite neighborhood restaurant- nothing like a sweet little one who's tentatively looking at the mound of cake and frosting on her tray-

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