Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Curious Case of Munch's Hair

After over 3 years of managing Munch's hair perfectly well (it was so easy for me to cut and style it), I'm having to learn all over again. Her hair texture has totally changed since the beginning of summer. I actually find looking back at her photos quite interesting. Her looks change drastically enough from year to year to wonder if it's the same kid, or possibly a sibling. Munch was born with a fairly full head of hair, but it took a while for it to do anything, especially grow. As a result, she usually had a kewpie-doll style going on-By a year and a half, it was finally long enough to give her a short, flippy pixie cut, but she usually wore it in pigtails, thus beginning her "Boo" phase (from Monsters, Inc.)As she grew older, Munch decided she wanted her hair longer, so we let it grow out. And when she neared her third birthday last Christmas, she had hair I would have killed for- sleek, smooth, layered- absolutely gorgeous.Within months though, it began to change. What began as a funny little wave on one side of her head spread to most of her crown. She continued to wear her hair long, but it definitely had more body and fullness at its roots. Finally summer arrived and we just couldn't continue to fight what her hair was becoming. I cut it to shoulder-length, and while we were usually able to brush it smooth, for the most part we let the waves do what they liked and corralled them with clips and headbands.By Fall, Munch's hair was still cute, but only because a preschooler could get away with a wacky look like hers. It was no longer wavy, but fully curly at the roots but straighter towards the ends. Most days it was a mess and I had no idea how to cut it or style it any longer.So off we went to a kids' stylist, who was able to make the most of her messy curls, and who admitted to have never seen a child's hair growing this way before. Many babies have those beautiful baby curls, which eventually grow out, but I'd never seen them grow IN! Munch got a darling, short, Shirley-Temple-esque bob, which requires a totally new way of styling (I'm learning to spritz and scrunch) to keep the curls from getting fluffy. Her self-portraits have changed too and she now draws her head covered in numerous circles. Here she is at Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa and her latest self-portrait-


Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

Stephanie said...

her hair looks adorable i would die to have some curl to my hair