Monday, January 17, 2011

Family Vacation- Safari West

Day three of our SF Bay Area summer "staycation"- We headed out to Safari West, about an hour north of San Francisco. I had been wanting to go for the longest time, but had difficulty justifying the expense (considerable more than a day at the zoo). A family vacation was the perfect opportunity for a visit!
We met up with the family in time to enjoy a delicious BBQ ranch lunch at Safari West's Savannah Cafe. Reservations are required for the cafe, but there is also a small snack stand available. Afterwards, we loaded ourselves into one of Safari West's large jeeps, which seat about a dozen people- just right for our big group!
As it was midday and quite hot, no one else wanted to ride on the roof, so Munch, AudioDad, and I gladly climbed up for a better view for the first part of the tour. At first, our tour guide drove us along several large fenced in areas containing goat-like animals. AudioDad told me later that he worried this would be the extent of our tour around the property.
We also passed the cabins, where people could spend the night on property. I would definitely enjoy an overnight stay!
Eventually, we came to what was the first in a series of gates. As it turned out, the Safari West property was quite large and we ended up enjoying a fun, bumpy ride through the hills INSIDE the animals' enclosures.
It was such a treat having our driver stop our jeep alongside a couple of giraffes, zebras, and ostriches
although the cape buffalo concerned me a little- I had heard they could be quite mean.
After the driving portion of the tour, our driver stopped for a break before beginning the walking tour. She was thoughtful enough to turn the sprinklers on for the kids to play in.
Heading out on the walking tour-

A group pic-

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