Friday, April 17, 2009

Going Undercover...

I've been going back and forth since the creation of this blog regarding the use of aliases for my family. Early on, when I had an audience I could count on one hand, who knew us really well, and I didn't really know how long I might stick with it, it seemed a little contrived. Also, I wasn't feeling creative enough to come up with good nicknames. But I've definitely been considering it on and off. And I've always used initials for other children, whether family or friends, to give them some anonymity. A recent discussion on the Mom Bloggers Club, in which moms discussed privacy (and potential embarrassment), fear of online predators, and the very real possibility of schools and employers doing searches on various family members in the future validated many of my concerns. I've finally decided that the little time it would take to edit past posts is worth it in the long run, allowing me to just put this issue behind me. The little one also has chosen her own favorite nickname- "Munch", short for "Munchkin", but also quite fitting given the name of the blog.

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