Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Napa Day Out

I've been meaning to take Munch to Napa for a while now. They have several children's activities that I want to check out, but it's funny how much busier I am during summer vacation than during the school year! We headed out to check out a children's museum called Scientopia Discovery Center. Prices were reasonable- $7 for each of us for a day pass. The main room was smaller than I expected (it's housed in a warehouse-type space), but it had plenty to keep us occupied. I probably would go bonkers though if this place was really crowded. Munch started out with a fun exhibit which blew air out of a cone-she loved putting a small beach ball over it, turning off the air switch, and trying to catch the ball before it landed back on the cone.
Scientopia divides its space into several sections. There's the puppet theatre, dress-up, and music section-
a building corner- love those pipes and connectors!
a couple of play houses, an art center, a "thinking center" filled with magnets, pulleys, and blocks, as well as a big digging pit filled with rubber mulch
After a couple of hours of exploring, we headed to Oxbow for lunch at Pica Pica and picked up these lovelies from Kara's Cupcakes-These cupcakes were absolutely delicious! The cake itself was moist and flavorful- my favorite is definitely the passionfruit- vanilla cake with a passionfruit filling!
PS I apologize for the terrible picture quality in this post. My dear old camera isn't working well and had to go in for repairs. I've ordered a nice, new waterproof back-up (thanks mom & dad!) but in the meantime, my camcorder is on duty!

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