Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer School: Letter I

We've gone a little light on the letter I. Munch already knows it because it's in her name, so we did some painting instead and mailed it off with a love note to her cousin.It was also a gymnastics day, so off we went to that- along with a bunch of errands.Neither of us was in the mood for the full alphabet routine when we got home, so for a nice treat, I brought out the ice cream maker. I got the recipe from a Ben & Jerry's cookbook- we decided that chocolate mint Oreo cookie ice cream would be just right for all of us since I like chocolate, Munch's favorite is mint, and AudioDad like cookies n'cream. While I melted the chocolate, Munch got to work crushing the cookies and beating the eggs-we mixed up all the ingredients, poured them into the ice cream machine, and let it crank away.Unfortunately, it didn't freeze well. I discovered the issue was the scraper insert- it wasn't meeting the edge of the freezer bowl, so none of the frozen mixture was getting incorporated with the rest. I stuck a spoon in to scrape the edges as it froze, which worked okay, but what a pain! The ice cream was a little soft when I served it,but after putting the rest away in the freezer overnight, it turned out really nicely.

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Tami said...

You are standing there with tongue out..sayin. NA NA NA NA NA NA NA!
LOL, Did you ask Audio dad if I could move in? I'll sleep in/on the driveway! as long as you put my food dish on the porch..LOL

Sherry said...

you should link this to my Kids In the Kitchen "meme" its on Thursday, Check out my page tomorrow and you'll see what its all about!

Anonymous said...

Ohh looks so yummy!!!!
Love your posts Jani!


Sherry said...

Thanks for participating today! I love your blog it is soo cute!

Sarah said...

Wow! That looks SO SO SO good!