Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Newest Member of the Family

Ha! No, not another baby- I wish! AudioDad is still "thinking about it". Instead, I've been thinking about pets. I was so tempted after Munch was born to get another dog from the shelter- but with two handfuls already, I think that was just crazed, sleep-deprived, post-partum madness. But now, Munch is ready to take on some of the responsibilities of taking care of pets. She feeds the girls, gives them love and hugs, and our favorite- lets them out on those early weekend mornings when we just want to sleep a little longer! At times though, I do see her thinking about the pet situation- Ginger is really Daddy's dog, Cricket is definitely mine. Who exactly is all her own? Meet Sari-I've been hearing so much about bettas and decided it would make a good first pet for Munch. We talked about how she'd take care of it- "I'll give it lots of kisses," she said at first. After I explained the whole bit about the water and the tank, she tried, "Can I give my fish lots of hugs?" Not so much. At least she's quite happy to feed Sari and we sit by the aquarium and spend lots of time talking to him. He seems to like that.


Anonymous said...

Sari is really pretty. And what a great name. I miss having my family around but will see you all in September. In the meantime, I have celebrated my birthday 2 more times and it still is not my b-day, this is kinda fun!!! Then I think about the age thing again and it is not so much fun. We are off for our annual jeep trip, hopefully you will be up for it next year, in a week or so. Talk to you all later. I Love you, Auntie L.

Sherry said...

Laney's first "pet" was/is a betta those things LIVE FOREVER! LOL good first pet though!

Tami said...

It's a GREAT first PET!