Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Anytime's a Good Time for Fireworks!

No, this is not a leftover pic from the 4th of July. It's just Christmas in our town, which is occasion enough for fireworks. I'm telling you, this place LOVES fireworks (I've counted at least 4 displays this past year)- and it's not a show unless mothers start grabbing their children and run for cover. I'm not kidding! A few years back, pre-Munch, they were so low we felt the heat and were basically craning our necks looking right overhead (as the afore-mentioned mothers scurried around us). Every so often a spark would fall into the harbor with a sizzle. Lucky for us, the recently installed lawn on the waterfront now allows us to lie down and comfortably await our doom...though it kinda freaked out our nieces and nephew this past July. They were sure they were going to die.
We've actually been fairly pleased with the events our town puts on. They really try, for such a tiny place. The waterfront is a great backdrop and we love just walking a block or so

into all of the action. Just wish we had a decent farmer's market here too. Anywho, back to Christmas- I was crossing my fingers for pony and wagon rides, which AudioDad saw earlier, but by the time we arrived, there were none to be found. We enjoyed the big bonfire that our volunteer firecrew happily kept blazing. The kids rode the chuggabug express around the harbor-

and then we watched the parade of boats all decked out with lights and music- one of them was decorated like a sleigh and carried Santa to the dock. He lit the big tree just before the fireworks display began.

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Anonymous said...

Your town does sound like alot of fun. It sounds like it really caters to the little ones which is nice. I so wish we could be closer to all of you to share in these moments. Love Lynn and Rob