Friday, December 12, 2008

"Something's Here!"

Ok, I have to start by saying that this title is already reminding me of Munch, even though this post has nothing to do with her. She uses this bizarre voice when she thinks she's whispering. Problem is, she sounds like one of those possessed kids in a horror movie...or that strange little creature out of that Hobbit movie (you know, the one who says "my precious"? That's my kid!) So one day, she's sitting at the dinner table, imagining there's dinosaurs upstairs, and she uses that creepy whisper, "Mommy do you hear it? I hear 'something'.... it's coming closer...closer"- Anywho, "something" DID arrive!
The darn thing sure took long enough in getting here- maybe it's part of the suspense. It was a tiny box- maybe 4x4 or so. And really light. I had no idea what it might be, so...

voila! I am now the proud owner of a wine thermometer!

Did it cost $10? Probably. Do I ever see myself using one? Probably not (I'm not all that particular about my wine temp so long as it's drinkable). Do I still love the concept? Absolutely- the curiosity just gets me every time. And for $10, it was more entertaining than paying that same amount at the movie theater. Will I be recycling this gift (see previous post)-NO! (doesn't meet my criteria) Unless there's a white elephant exchange going on....

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