Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Christmas Preparations!

I just love going to the tree farm. As much as I love a noble fir, they don't grow here, and the whole experience of searching for and cutting down your own tree is one I just can't let go of. We bundled up and headed out on a very cold day- it definitely felt like winter!

This year I decided I also wanted Munch to have a little tree in her room. I figured it would be a nice way to continue the tradition I have of purchasing her an ornament every year. I was also hunting for trees that were tall, but narrow. We found a great one for Munch's room-

and we also discovered they had pony rides!

The people with the ponies were also really gracious about giving us lots of photo time-

While AudioDad took care of purchasing and loading up our trees, Munch and I took an ATV ride around the property (the wagon ride had a REALLY long line, and we'd done it at Halloween already).

Once we got home, Munch and I made a paper chain to decorate her tree-

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