Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Best Part of Mother's Day... being Munch's mom! It still surprises me how much in love I am with my sweet, sweet girl!

I spent most of my weekend sleeping away my head-congested fog. Munch's new bed was quite cozy and I zonked out there while we were playing in her room. Sweet girl left me to sleep and went out with AudioDad to run errands. We had my parents, sister, and Munch's cousin over for Mother's Day lunch, which was quite tasty- chinese chicken salad, fruit salad, and a mushroom asparagus quiche. The kids loved picking out yummy chocolates from See's while they gave Grandma their gifts and cards- both discovered the awesome scotchmallow, which AudioDad gave me a box of for Mother's Day, along with a new meyer lemon tree.

Afterwards, the kids headed out for bike rides and bug hunting in the yard-

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Anonymous said...

You made the scotchmallows sound so goood Kristin and I are headed to Sees this afternoon. The kids are so cute. Love Aunt Lynn