Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dressing for Dinner

This was the look Munch chose when we got invited to a friend's house for dinner. She brought Ariel along and decided they had to match. She also packed a bag with crayons, books, and little ponies. Once there, she was determined to accessorize/terrorize their poor cat by attempting to "do its hair" with little fruit barrettes. I'm sure Kitty was relieved when dinner was served-
Here Kitty, kitty...


Tami said...

LOL, she's adorable! Her Ariel costume is beautiful but her in it even more so. Cats are like that, good thing Munch showed kitty how to "humanly" interact. LOL. Cats are moody. She was just showing her love to kitty. heh heh.

Deb said...

These moments are priceless--so glad you had your camera. Birk went to her brother's Boy Scout Court of Honor dressed in a bathrobe, jeans, sparkly sunglasses, a tiara and flip flops. I encourage her to enjoy it while she can :)

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