Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Munch's new bed is THE place to hang out in our house. I can't resist its squishy-cozyness. Neither can AudioDad. With the big shams lined up against the wall, it's a perfect "daybed" for sharing a book and a cuddle. It took "the girls" a bit to feel brave/nervy enough to attempt to jump up. While Munch tolerates them reasonably well, she's not all THAT close to them- I think it's a sibling rivalry thing, except with dogs. Cricket is the cuddlebug of our two dogs. She sleeps in our room and she's pretty good at staying on her own dog bed until about 5 in the morning. At that point, she's usually jump up and snuggle my feet- not a bad way to wake up, especially in the wintertime. She has a thick, soft coat that sheds like crazy (and drives me bonkers because I can NEVER keep up with the fluffs all over our floors), but it also means she's a walking stuffed animal- I can't resist just squishing her around the neck! At least I know that even if Munch grows up, my goofy, playful, puppy-like Cricket will always be my baby!

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Tami said...

Thats the cutest photo! Nothing like a dog and her best friend!