Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Vacation Pics-Father's Day & Legoland

Munch and her cousin D are such pals, it was great fun having her over for sleepovers during our trip. We spent Father's Day on the beach and later AudioDad and I enjoyed massages and treatments at the spa.
The next day was spent at Legoland and this place is incredible! It was our first visit and we just loved it! Munch quickly lost patience with digging out "fossils" in Dino Land, so instead, we worked on covering them up!

We had eleven of us in our group, so we split up into three teams for firetruck races-

and we all piled into boats, where Uncle Nick taught Munch how to drive-

Munch & I loved all the people and animals built from Legos- this giraffe is one of my favorites-

as is this recreation of the Presidential inauguration-

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Tami said...

I've lived in So. Cal all my life and have yet to go to Lego land..you just made up my mind. I'll be talking to hunny hubby today about sneaking a trip in soon LOL. Caleb would LOVE to go!
Thanks for sharing.. looks like a whole lotta fun!