Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vacation- Part 2

After spending the night in Buena Park, we have an awesome breakfast at The Original Pancake House. They make incredible oven pancakes (they're called German pancakes on their menu) which I like making at home until I see the number of eggs that goes into them! More like a huge popover, these were larger than our plates!

We continue on down the highway to San Diego. I just can't get over how crowded Southern CA feels. We're staying at the Catamaran Resort which is right on the bay and across the street from the ocean.

On the bay-side beach, which is nice and calm, Munch quickly gets to work finding shells-

Later that afternoon, the rest of AudioDad's family gets into town and we have dinner at Casa de Pico

and we end the night with Munch's cousin coming back to our hotel for a sleepover-