Monday, May 4, 2009

Rock Star

This pic is pre-haircut, but I never got around to sharing it with you. Munch's tastes in music run fairly current because of what I've got on the radio and also pretty eclectic due to what her daddy plays for her. I usually try to censor what she hears in the car if I hear inappropriate language coming up in a song, but commutes are such nice space-out times that I often get lazy and just leave the cycling news/traffic/weather station on. So I was baffled when she started asking for the "Rock Star" song. I had no idea what it was until P!nk's "So What" came on and she started singing along. Na na na na na na na Na na na na na na...


Veronica Lee said...

She ROCKS!!!!

Tami said...

LOL, that's a fave of mine!

My sister and niece call me Pink. LOL. Something to the effect I have a bad attitude sometimes. Like her. heh heh. I don't I just have my hair funky like she used too. LOL

Rock on Munch!