Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Bed

We finally got our act together and purchased the twin-size bed that was supposed to be Munch's birthday present back in January. Munch and I headed to Target and picked up some "beautiful, beautiful" Princess sheets. Here she is waking up for the last time in her toddler bed-

Once I got the sheets on it, she couldn't even wait for me to put the shams on. Munch climbed in right away-

and with all the pillows on it, it's a perfect spot for all of us to share a good book!

1 comment:

Tami said...

Those are adorable! I still have my Holly Hobby pillow cases LOL.I also am the proud owner of Big bird pillow cases (which my sister stole BOTH sets) Ooh I stole them back years ago, then noticed they were gone again! Her daughter stole'um right out of my linen closet! LOL

It looks like she can't wait to get in bed! I may need to re-think my choice of bed wear for Caleb! LOL.
Transformers here I come!