Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thank God for Grandparents!

It has been a LONG, LONG week at our house. Even though she loves her daycare, Munch is definitely not taking to the back to school routine well. She's not a fan of getting up before the sun and our commutes have consisted of screaming fits, tears, and tantrums- and that's BOTH directions! Enough was enough when she threw a sippy cup at my head and opened her door to escape (in the middle of the highway! Where are those darned child locks anyways?) So, faced with an extra long work day that would stretch into the evening, (Back to School night for me, inventory for AudioDad) off she went to Grandma & Grandpa's for a little TLC and undivided attention. Fifteen hours later (yes, 6AM to 9PM!), Munch is my happy, bubbly girl again. Even though it was late, the three of us reconnected over a walk around the block, flashlights in hand, looking for bugs and stars. After tucking in her imaginary pirate friend, she happily climbed into bed- and it's my turn now, too. (AudioDad on the other hand, headed out for a run- gotta get those miles in!)
P.S. THANK YOU Grandma & Grandpa- We love you "this much"!

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Anonymous said...

Pops and Mops had a marvelous time and she was a good excuse to stay away from our chores. Come back soon!