Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where there's a will...

School started this week, so why am I sitting at home blogging? (and why is Munch sleeping under a chair?)
The week began well enough, with the Munchkin excited to see all her friends at daycare after the long summer break. She wasn't so excited though, to be the last one picked up after everyone else had gone home. The next morning, we were halfway through our commute, when she says, "I want to go home now. And Mommy stay with me." Yes, we have major separation issues after summer vacation. Anyway, sorry, kid, not happening- I had 40 kids coming to orientation later that morning. When I picked her up, the big hubbub was over another kid who threw up. Lovely. And did I believe Munch when she started telling me her tummy "had throw up" too? Nope, just figured it was her active imagination. By the time we got home, AudioDad & I knew we were in for a long night- and of course, the first day of school was the next day! Thank goodness he could stay home- couldn't you just see it? Kindergarten teacher skips out on first day of school- not good. Missing the second day, not so bad. AudioDad did great yesterday, he slowly got her to keep things down and make sure they cuddled and rested. By the time I got home, Munch was in good spirits, and as luck would have it, a package of dress up clothes I previously ordered had arrived in the mail for her. So this is a photo of our saltine-munching, stomach-flu ridden princess, providing further evidence that it doesn't matter what you do, like vomiting, as long as you look good doing it!

P.S. She's feeling much better today, thank you.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Vivian recovered so quickly from that nasty stomach bug! Nothing like some princess clothes to cheer a girl up!