Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Family Game Nights

Now that Munch is older (can you believe she'll be three in a couple of months???) I thought it might be fun to break open the games that her Auntie Lara gave her last year. She has so much more patience now, and is more interested in following directions. Also, her counting is a lot more reliable! We loved Candyland (haven't played it since I was a kid!) and thought the Five Little Monkeys game (in the photo above) was fun, too. Chutes and Ladders pushed my patience a bit, just because with Munch entering her "why?" phase, all the actions and consequences took a lot of explaining. My favorite of the bunch though, is Hi-Ho Cherry-O- it's simple, there's no extended explanation necessary, picking up the tiny fruit is great for those fine-motor skills, and the game is done super quick!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new "icebox". Now you have enough room to keep plenty of drinks and ice for Grandpa.


the cranberry log Grandma