Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Gift Guide

Oprah's got one. So does They're all over the web and in most of this month's magazines. You don't have to look far to find a list of gift ideas for this season. So I figured, why not come up with my own? Here are some of my picks for fun gifts I'm giving (can't let the cat out of the bag too soon!)...or would love to receive! Have a great find? Let me know! (I'll be posting more direct links to the merchants below ASAP- they've got a lot of unique gift ideas)

Lotus Blossom Tea Light Holders- $34.95/set of 3
I gave a pair of these in cream to a friend last summer. They're simple and beautiful.

Playful Word Earrings-$40
You'll usually spot me wearing these at school on the last day before a vacation break.

Savannah Bee Company Honey Flute-$23
Try a drizzle of this with a little cheese and bread- You will never go back to those honey bears after tasting this. They also have a sampler set so you can compare varietals.

Matryoshka Measuring Cups-$28
How adorable are these? I WANT, WANT, WANT these!

Red Coupe Dinnerware-from $8.95-10.95
Remember the "Red Plate" post? Well here's your chance to start the tradition with your family!

Italian Panettone-$39.95
You cannot go wrong with this fragrant, delectable holiday bread from Williams-Sonoma. It's delicious plain, toasted, or if you really want to gild the lily, (oh my!) french toast!

Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup-$29 for two jars
Blossoms unfurling in your pot of tea? Cranberries or pomegranate bobbing in your sparkler? Been there, done that. Drop this little beauty in your bubbly this season instead!

Home Decor items by Tord Boontje-price varies
I purchased the midsummer light (pictured below, $78) for Munch's room- everything he designs is airy, girly, and fanciful.

I'm Made in America canvas bags-contact for pricing
Ok, full disclosure here. This is my parents' new company. But they're on to something. It's good that people are becoming more eco-conscious, but these bags are made here in the USA. So while you're being green, you can support the red, white & blue, too!

Mr. Men Giant Snakes and Ladders-$29
Gotta love those Mr. Men and Little Misses! Here's their version of Chutes and Ladders- jumbo sized!

Jellycat Bellissima Bird-$25
A quirky little soft pal (also available in black/white.)

Dinos on the Go-$19.99
These little guys even come with a bin that zips open into a playmat!

Some favorite sites:
Uncommon Goods
The Conran Shop
Viva Terra


Gina said...

The Matryoshka Measuring Cups are on order for you. They said they will be available on 12/25/08, so it might take a few weeks. Merry Christmas!!!!

jp said...

Gina- You are too sweet! When my packages start arriving on YOUR doorstep, please pretend to be surprised :)