Monday, November 17, 2008

Roller Coaster (of Love)

There are few things more glorious than a beautiful November day in California. It was clear skies, warm sun, and temps in the 80's. So off we went to Six Flags, since Daddy hasn't been with us yet this year (and he can take Munch on all those slow-moving, spinning rides that make me so nauseous).

We started off petting the humongous snake that was at the entrance-

and a quick cuddle with the holiday bear-

Next we headed to the rides (starting with the Daffy Duck sub because of Munch's adoration of the Beatles' song, Yellow Submarine) and the butterfly house-

Unfortunately, my camera batteries went dead as we were checking out the dolphins. These outgoing, personable dolphins would come right up to Munch and nip and nuzzle against the glass. She was delighted!

Before we left, we made sure to catch a Shouka show. I wanted Munch to be able to see the animals up close, but she sure was surprised when she got a huge splash! Nothing a little shaved ice couldn't fix!

I think she preferred the elephant show, though. It was a lot more low-key, quiet, and dry! One last trip to the carousel, and we were all ready to call it a day!

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