Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm not a blogger, but I play one on TV...

I've spent too many hours to admit checking out other blogs today and adding more features to my own blog. When Munch starts hollering, "Mommy, TURN OFF the COMPUTER!!!" I'll know it's time to give it a rest (thank goodness she's still napping).

I came across a great site, The One Minute Writer- check it out- I'll bet you've got a writer in you too! (Yes, I'm talking to you, Gina!)
Another one that made me laugh, 'cause the kids at school really do say, write, and draw the funniest things: Always Check Your Child's Homework on Barely Keeping It All Together.
Those links and more are in the sidebar.

I'm loving my new FeedJit Traffic map- it's fun seeing where all the hits are coming from! And, are we surprised that "chocolate" is what I've been posting about most frequently (in the label cloud)? Also, don't forget to add yourself to the "Followers" section! And, if leaving a comment is REALLY that cumbersome, just click a "Reaction" after the post.


C. Beth said...

Thanks for the link; that's awesome! Glad you're enjoying Sasha's blog too--she's great. :)

Beth (One Minute Writer)

Sasha said...

Oh, I'm a Beth fan too! She's one of my FIMH. (Friends In My Head)