Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trick-or-Treat! (Hey, did 'ya hear me? I said, TRICK-OR-TREAT!!!)

I'm finally getting to the Trick-or-Treating post. We've had such a busy week, and I'm still tweaking all the programs installed on our new CPU. That, and Gina finally(!) convinced me to get on Facebook, and I can't resist exploring it whenever I get the chance ('cause I'm not busy enough or anything...)
I decided to leave the candy on the front porch so I could head out with AudioDad and Munch. We were surprised (or not so much since we have a cat lady living down the street) to find an adorable cat hanging out on our steps. It was such a friendly little cat and loved having Munch pet it and coo at it (everything is a baby to her right now).

Once the candy was on the porch and Munch outfitted herself with glow necklaces and bracelets galore, out we went. Other than the light drizzle, the weather wasn't too bad- especially considering the prediction was for showers. We pretty much stuck to our street- it seemed to be a quiet night. A couple of blocks seemed like plenty, but when we suggested heading for home, Munch announced that we MUST fill her candy bag to the top before heading home. Thank goodness it was a small bag...

(do you like the leg-warmers?)

Only a couple of snafus- a lady was giving out Play-Doh- Munch said really loud, "Where's my treat?" Also, if she got mixed up in a group, she basically said Trick or Treat until she got her candy (Helllooo? Do you not see me standing here?) We DID practice using a big voice; guess it's time to work on the patience part!

The mermaid and her haul

P.S. She's still not all that interested in eating it, thank goodness- Munch will ask if she can have a piece for breakfast, but once I say no, she's forgotten it for the day. Yay!


Anonymous said...

I use to love Halloween as a kid. We took the biggest pillow cases we could find and treated until we go the bag full. Robin and I would spend hours trading our candy. My girls also love Halloween. Dani spent a quiet one and Kristin left us to babysit Jack and went out with her friends. Viv looks so cute. I laugh every time you tell us something she has said or done. The Trick or Treat over and over until she got her candy is priceless. On a different note, I went into Zingermans online, and before I even had a chance to look at my bag, it somehow added up to $200.00 plus!!!!! Needless to say, I am still trimming my cart. So Fun!!!!! Love this store. Love to all of you as well, Aunt Lynn and Uncle Rob

Janice said...

We love the sparkly Halloween card- thanks Lynn! We're glad you're enjoying the blog :)